Robin Bain is Hot!

>> Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Robin Bain is hot! She stirred the world by appearing naked on Playboy Magazine cover in October 2002 edition. These days, Robin Bain name hit the news-shelves again related to brutal murder case. But, thankfully, this is not our Bain :)

Born in Indiana in 1980, Robin Bain, often misspelled as Robin Bane, is a talented model, actress, director, writer, cinematographer. She's appeared in a number of movies, including on NBC's The Real Wedding Crashers (May 2007), Comedy Central on Mind of Mencia (July 2007), Frankenbabe (2001), and Glam (1997).

As a cinematographer she produced five movies since 2002; Self Righteous Suicide (2002), Relativity (2004), Provider (2004), Wishful Thinking (2004), and Crossing Atitlan (2009). She also wrote and directed several short movies, including Self Righteous Suicide, Wishful Thinking, and another movie entitled Papper Doll (2003).

During an interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, in January 2008, Bain performed a blonde joke which captured the audience attention.

This year Bain involved in the making of the newest comedy written by Adam Sandler, Born to Be a Star (2010). The films story revolves around a boy who shifted from the Midwest to Hollywood to become a porn star. Robin Bane said to appear naked in the film. Robin Bain also taken a part in a thriller The Perfect Serial Killer (2010).


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